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Branding / Strategy / Web Design / Content / Development

Together we bring your ideas to life; we build your brand, business and online community. From blogging to online events and social medias, we help you with the whole process of planning, creating, launching and understanding how to use your online platform to its full advantage.

With the powerful combo of strategy and digital communication we help our B2B clients challenge the competition and become globally successful brands.

Some of the solutions we can offer you in a partnership

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Branding and Visual Identity
Tagline and Marketing Copy
Website Design
Custom Development
Marketing Strategies



Product and service design
Content Strategy + Editing
Social Media Training



Target Audience Research
Search Engine Optimization
E-marketing Development
Responsive + Mobile Development
User Testing



Responsive design or dedicated mobile sites is a must to succeed


When we build websites we know that they are the hub of our clients communications. We prefer to develop the systems based on open source software , especially WordPress. We attach great importance to not follow short -term trends. Instead we build websites based on sustainability, flexibility and scalability. We also focus a greate deal on the management interface for the website and design it to be easy to maintain for our customers.

We cover the main areas in web design and we can provide you with a range of solutions. A complete web site, a landing page or a dedicated mobile site. We got you covered and we have partnered up with the leading suppliers in the business to secure just that.


Is your business missing out in the social media revolution?


Is your business missing out on the social media revolution? We can help bring your business to life with our modern social media management services! In online marketing, social media is the latest area of opportunity and one that Edventor is heavily invested and entrenched in. We are familiar with all of the latest social media management tools and advanced strategies. When used properly with the help of professional marketing agencies like us; these tools will effectively get users engaged in your community which means more people buying your products and services!

With over 1 billion people actively participating on social media sites, it’s clear that social media is here to stay. It’s becoming increasingly important for your business to capitalize on social media marketing as more of your customers are spending countless hours on these sites. People are using them to find news, stay in touch with friends and family, and most importantly: to find the products and services that YOUR business sells!


Discover what E-mail marketing can do for your business!


Email Communication is an excellent way to reach your customers and share news about your business. Regardless of what you may think or have heard, reaching potential customers in their inbox is the most effective sales and marketing tool available. And if you provide the same experience when reading your e-mail in a mobile device your clients will love you even more. Over 75% of all e-mails are opened in a mobile device!

By engaging in direct desktop communication you are able to showcase your business both through words,photos and even videos.

We find the success of email marketing is greatly enhanced by the addition of links back to your website, blog posts or by adding coupons to promote a special offer.  We have been working in email marketing for a long time and we can assist you in many ways:

  • Create email templates and set up automagically triggered emails each time you publish a new blog post.
  • Write and design your email communication or newsletter.
  • Manage your list.
  • Add an email capture function to your website or landing page.
  • Provide you with detailed reporting.  The reports give you specific data points so you will know which customers opened the newsletter and which links they clicked on, this insider information lets you know which content is resonating with your consumer.

Please let us help you get your business in the minds of consumers.  Contact us today to discuss your business and how online communication can be your most powerful tool.


Fresh, interesting, appealing content is crucial if your communication will succeed.


Do you want to develop a strategy that drives engagement and build your brand on social media? We can can guide you to develop a strategy that accounts for the full cycle of content creation – from idea and planning, to strategy and performance measurement.

We analyze successful content from social media and inspire you to generate new content ideas that will resonate with your audience. By defining a purpose, you can align your content with your social media strategy and business goals. As your strategy is developed, we focus on the tone of voice & visuals as it creates consistency in the way you communicate.

Spontaneous and temporary market measures most is money wasted. They may have effect in the moment but in the longer term, they build no value and may be even be harmful. Therefore, we believe in creating market measures based on a comprehensive strategy to ensure that all tactical actions constitute the building blocks of the long-term creation of a strong brand.
For us, strategic communications, all communication is in line with business objectives. Today’s dynamic markets requires that business objectives are backed by analysis and strategy – strategy that is tailored, not standardized. We help our clients to make decisions about the direction and the way there. Then we see that these decisions are quickly translated into action to seize the power of action. The result is that our customers can focus their efforts on the main opportunities to increase sales and achieve a competitive position.

When the proponents of your content strategy has been defined, we focus on how you can create an editorial calendar and activity plan to ensure that your content is posted regularly. This ensures that the engagement between content and audience is constantly maintained and improved. Once your social content strategy is developed, we highlight the metrics and tools you need to monitor to revise and advance your strategy.




Partner with us and let us be your Digital Marketing Manager (DMM).  We have experience of news media, advertising media and marketing, content production, design and CMS publishing.  Use our great experience of project management and strong skills of presentation.

As your Digital Marketing Managers we can provide your company with extra ordinary communication skills and motivate team members to achieve organizational goals effectively.  We also possess exceptional ability of leadership while we running your total digital presence.

The DMM´s role is to designs attractive advertisement that grab the attention of customers towards the company’s products or services.  Such types of advertisements reflect product’s specifications and features. We also design charming advertisement that attracts the customers.

As your DMM we also know how to optimize the official website of our clients in order to get them on the first page of any search engine.

We provide our clients with the latest techniques within the online business trough our extensive worldwide network of colleagues in the industry.

Think of Edventor as your strategic communication partner for all things digital.

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