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Landing pages are used by marketers to capture leads (i.e. email addresses) or as a click through so that traffic is funneled to another page (these are known as squeeze pages). They can also be used to sell a product directly.

In the world of internet marketing, landing pages can be considered to be separate from the website they are hosted. They rarely use the same design as the website that sits in the root of the domain; and there is no navigation menu that links the landing page to the website home page, and vice versa.

An alternative meaning for a landing page is a page that has been set up to sell a product or service. This type of landing page is used at the front end of a website to promote digital products such as eBooks, apps, membership websites, and courses.

There are a number of ways in which you can use a landing page. Let us take a closer look at what solutions are available to you.


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