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A couple of month has passed since we launched Skorstensspecialistens first web page. Earlier the company relied only on traditional marketing such as advertising, references and attending in trade shows. Now they also get new clients from the Internet and they keep comming quite regularly. We are now moving into the next phase of the use of digital marketing tools and will soon launch an e-mail driven in order to position the company brand on the market.

About Skorstensspecialisten
Skorstensspecialisten has been in operation since 1973 by Stefan Lindberg. The company started on a relatively small scale, but has grown gradually to now employ eleven people , mainly carrying out work in Gothenburg and Bohus County. The business consists of the renovation of chimneys and smoke and ventilation ducts.

There have many spectacular assignments at their track record. One example is a high industrial chimney in Örebro , whose upper part was broken roasted and was replaced in 15 minutes with the help of a helicopter. Another example is the renovation and reconstruction of an old stove that was called home in splinters from Röhss museum’s basement. Although many pieces were taken , they managed to cope with the task. Today the stove in Haga Museum.

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