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We deliver responsive design and dedicated mobile sites

Content marketing

Content marketing, is the phrase associated with creating and distributing relevant and valuable content on your website to attract, acquire, and engage aspecific target audience – with the purpose of driving traffic to your website and converting site visitors to clients.

Every small business has quality content to share with their customers: FAQ’s, new business, new merchandise, updated services or events.  Blogging is a way to communicate with not only your customer base, but with search engines.

The search engines, (Google and Bing), love new content, it sends a signal that your website is not dormant and your site will climb the rankings.  It also gives you the opportunity to rank for a broader scope of keywords and phrases (long tail searches).  A higher ranked website is the online equivalent of moving from a quiet corridor in the mall to the main thoroughfare.

Platform and identity

Work with web design is always based on the customer’s brand platform and identity, image and style, technology and functionality – factors combine to create the hub of the company’s digital communications.

We place great importance on keyword optimization to get the website to interact with both social media and other key channels. (Mynewsdesk, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others) Building a strong brand is just one of the two most important issues in a new website. The other half is it´s usefulness – for both visitors and web editors. A good website must be easy to update and administrate to be kept alive, which is crucial for not losing traffic and therefore business. We work primarily with “open source” -based development and publishing system. Our favorite platform is the world leading CMS, WordPress.

 We go beyond landing pages – Deliver integrated campaigns

A campaign shouldn’t begin and end at the landing page. We integrate your lead generation campaigns into your websites, Facebook Pages, blogs, mobile devices, and virtually anywhere else. We can integrate a unique lead generation widgets to create constant, engaging experiences that your customers will love, across any platform!


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